under the golden watering can

in blue mountain monastery
mantis sends prayers to the sky
“protect the baby birds”

winds come, to visit chimes
in the ghosts of children
through the twisting leaves,
flashing tops and bottoms

the sky is brightly polished
by the cleansing cold front
and the moist blanket is lifted

the doe wants for wings
just inside the shaded forest
when the hawk is on the ground

green dragonflies loop random
to avoid the largemouth bass,
breaking surface tension
with a splash of death

as hysterical swallows circle
black snake eats the babies

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2 thoughts on “under the golden watering can

  1. Captivating, “and the winds come, to visit chimes”, Dragonflies and Mantis, twisting leaves, flashing…… this is one that needs explored many times;)

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