Monthly Archives: April 2014

summer inhales winter

magnolia whispering solace
outside the open window
drift on lazy scented air

the ground heats up
earthworms feed
and oak tassels
are born again and again

diligent insects
paper-winged dandelions
covet cool tile shade

the air moves freely
across the rhythmic spin
ceiling fan pronouncements

squirrels and robins
dream of ripe figs
in a world without cats

a child carried ‘round
the rise and fall of noon
with legs dangling

warm southern swells
return to caress
eating cold pasta salad

vinegar soaked artichokes
imbibing amber ale
out of pint glasses

fading eyesight discovers
the enemy of humanity
feeds the green earth

“you are here”
in a spiral arm
safely cradled

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a chance encounter

Chesapeake, VA 04/10/14

cutting through a small wood
on the way, from my car to work
the dead rabbit startled me
i almost stepped on it
(no longer a he or a she)
i was forced to pause
process what i was looking at
a huge brown eye stared back
as if contemplating me
as i contemplated it
low-slung in still submission
the body stretched out
in order to get a closer look at me
large head hugging the ground
relaxed with ears laid back
“but it’s too close to be relaxed”
making for an unusual sight
there was no sign of death
except for an unnerving calm
but it was in there nonetheless
having freshly arrived on the scene
i broke-off our gaze and moved on

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