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crow’s feet

digital photograph of red-tailed hawk with crow
Red-Tailed Hawk, Virginia Beach, VA 02/14/15

Exhibited at the 32nd Annual Juried Photography Exhibit,
Suffolk Art Gallery from 03-05-16 to 04-15-16.

Published on the Virginian-Pilot’s Local News Section
(03-08-15). It is number three of four in the slideshow
included with Mary Reid Barrow’s
“Colorful Birds Visit From the North When Food is Scarce.”

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sleeping in trees

lucy lived in the trees
but sometimes
she climbed down
to fall forward
                                                               with each step
and to catch herself
                                                                                with each step

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the climber’s heart offering

“But if it had to perish twice,” Robert Frost

base camp
and mere bodies
eternal youth
of reach
life & death
will kiss the face

hard to hold
your granite cold
finger ledge
your crystalline
your subterranean
face – rising

eight legged
exoskeleton drift
reach and hold
your chipped face

the expansive sky
rising above
valley below
the bird’s eye view
set upon
a knife’s edge

cracked hearts
covered in chalk
and tape
bleeding boxes
on the stone-face

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