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thoughts while waiting at a drawbridge

Chesapeake, VA 09/14/16

waiting in traffic for the drawbridge to go down over the intracostal
                  at the great bridge locks

                                                  i came to a stop, in a low spot of the road
                  a spot that is impassable during heavy rains
                  a spot where the marsh stretches out when swollen,
                      in an attempt to reclaim its hardened appendage of asphalt

i inhale the scent of mud from the marsh and know the tide is out
                              the earth, heavy and pungent, fills me on a cellular level
this richness stirs something inside of me and i am wading in the sound
                                             with the egret by my side
                                                            black & gray silt pushing between our toes

when i notice all the other drivers around me, with their windows up
; talking on cellphones
                  oblivious to the early morning’s warm bouquet
                                        (moist, dense and sensual—the essence of existence)
being filtered-out through car air-conditioners to render a sterile
               dry coolness, free of wonderment

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tan bricks and six years, the clock continues to tick
you pull the tooth that receives the radio signals
and still, the ringing emanates from within

foreign objects inside the temple
because you never asked, in a sea of assume
your bones will be sawed—retooled

lighter fluid sprayed on the fire
thoughts of freewill lodged inside a marionette
the double-helix of a predetermined straightjacket

how to put one foot, in front of the other
marching toward your solitary discovery
where faces of your ancestors look down from the sky

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