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Kickstarter Campaign for Book of Pinhole Photography

Update (09/03/17): this book is currently on sale at f/D for $10.00 off, making the sale price $24.99.

Please consider supporting this project. If it makes, a photograph of mine will be included in the book.

ƒ/D is pleased to announce the Kickstarter campaign to launch our new book of pinhole
photography. This exciting book includes the work of 99 photographers who have used the
pinhole format to great effect. What follows is information for the press to use for coverage of this event.


  • Item: Photobook
  • Title: The ƒ/D Book of Pinhole
  • Pages: 140+
  • Plates: 99 Total: 60 B&W, 39 Color
  • Size: 8 inches by 8 inches
  • Cover: Soft cover
  • Interior: offset printed on 100# paper

The ƒ/D Book of Pinhole is a collection of pinhole photos from 99 photographers which was submitted in response to a Call for Entry in July and August of 2016. The photographs were selected and accepted based on their aesthetic quality, uniqueness of execution, appropriate use of pinhole and, in some cases, demonstration of persevering through the challenges of pinhole. In their entry, photographers also noted their response to the prompt “I saw through a pinhole” – quotes from these will be featured in the book.
The photographers represent the North & South American, European, and Asian continents in geographical and aesthetic uniqueness. The photographs themselves represent executions that show the “pinhole look” in general as well as the unique ways in which pinhole works with motion and time, bent film planes, infrared, and other techniques and formats.

Who This Book is For

  • The uninitiated: photographers who are new to pinhole and interested in trying it out
  • The experienced: pinhole photographers who are looking for great examples of a format they’re already working in
  • Lensed photographers: to broaden horizons and see the world in new ways
  • Collectors: to find new artists to research and follow

Release Information
The book will be available for backing through January 1st, 2017 via Kickstarter:

Crowdfunding Backer Levels:

  • Single book – $25
  • Book + Print of Editor’s Pinhole Photo – $40
  • Book + Press Signature – $75
  • Book + Press Signature + Print of Editor’s Pinhole Photo – $90

Sample Art

by Casado Cepas
CABALLO by Casado Cepas

by Todd Schlemmer
Chehalis by Todd Schlemmer
by Nigel Breadman
Beach Tractor by Nigel Breadman
by Daniel Rock
what should by Daniel Rock

Gare du Luxembourg
Gare du Luxembourg by Chris Reuland

Permission is granted for the purpose of reportage on this book and event so long as photographers’ copyright (©) is noted by name.

  • CABALLO – ©Paco Casado Cepas
  • Chehalis – ©Todd Schlemmer
  • Beach Tractor – ©Nigel Breadman
  • what should – ©Daniel Rock
  • Gare du Luxembourg – ©Chris Reuland

About Pinhole Photography

The pinhole camera serves as a creative antidote to today’s pixel-perfect world. At ƒ/D, we aren’t seeking to make pinhole every photographer’s format of choice. Rather, we feel that pinhole can serve as a creative bedrock from which a photographer can build in a number of directions. Whether you are a current or aspiring pinhole practitioner, or you practice other forms of photography, we think there is a wealth of inspiration provided by these photos showing what can be accomplished with time and the barest equipment.

Pinhole cameras, by definition, use no lens. Instead, light is focused by a tiny hole; oftentimes it is literally a hole made with a pin. The camera relies on the property of light to travel in a straight line. The numerous rays of light from a scene are projected individually through the pinhole and onto the photo taking medium (film, photo paper, or digital sensor). Because the pinhole is tiny, often fractions of a millimeter, the f-stop of such cameras tend to be very high numbers – usually above 100. Consequently, exposure times usually range from about a second to 10 or more minutes. In addition, the tiny pinhole aperture provides almost infinite depth of field, usually extending from an inch in front of the camera to infinity.

Because of the way the light is focused by the pinhole, and the long exposure times, Pinhole Photographs have some unique properties. Details in a scene are softened compared to lensed images. Because of the long exposure times, parts of a scene that move are blurred. Between the softened details and the blurred motion, pinhole photos tend to skew towards abstract and surreal imagery. Sometimes this combination of qualities can result in unpredictably creative effects – effects that we can in some cases apply in other aspects of our photography.

Company Overview

ƒ/D, a website dedicated to promoting the art of pinhole photography, was
founded in February, 2015 by Kier & Libby Selinsky. Borrowing its name from the formula to determine a lens aperture number, the site features technical and aesthetic how-to’s, artist interviews, artist features, and regular sharing of pinhole work to inspire photographers to use pinhole photography to open their creative potential. Recently we’ve decided to take ƒ/D in a slightly different direction: rather than weekly articles, we’re now focusing on a quarterly magazine format so that we can take the time to produce higher quality content.

Subjective Press is the publishing imprint working with ƒ/D, newly unveiled with this book publication. Subjective Press was founded to manage the print publications of ƒ/D as well as other planned outlets of art, photography, and conscientious interest.

Contact Information
Contact at

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