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messenger of the gods – we refuse to listen

                        50 million years ago
                                                              whale decided to give up his legs
              returning back into the sea

                        now dreaming of shoes
                                            nightmare black boots
                           running from the harpoon cannons

deep down below the surface
tiny pelvic bones and legs
imbedded in the muscle fibers

                        across the kelp beds
              (phosphorescent green)
                        hunters with appetites, call for more research
              from the decks of their slaughterhouse
factories on the high seas
                                    flashing knives in the cool blue light
              pods with industrial precision

                       eating out of ignorance
                                        concentrations of mercury
                                               and other heavy metals
                              off azure-sky dinner plates
a floating melancholy
             on the tops of blood soaked seas

slicing the sea of song – one bite size at a time

                       (void of environmental regulations)
                       the circle of contamination closes
              to connect the poison path
right back to the perpetrator

                                                              the modern man

; receive this day, the primal pleasure
              the taste
                                                of whale flesh
    quicksilver on the tongue

more research has yet to be done
   in the land of the rising sun
while the rest of the world suffers
               from emotional

                                                    what is whale thinking?

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