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a prophet with no game (running with scissors)

with tattooed necks and knuckles, the people speed (70 mph) to work – honking at each other; i had too much to drink last night

bumper nuts hang from the pickup truck in front of me, screaming “i am inadequate!” every morning i keep a lookout for the orwellian guy, driving the old beetle-bug; i think he must have driven off the edge of the earth

bumper sticker says “socialism is not cool” who’s not ready for medicare and an ssi check, when their teeth fall out in a glass? how cool is that?

i can no longer take, getting stuck in traffic with somebody; so full of discontent – oh, to live off the grid inside my mind, strangely unique; in the woods under a toadstool

even when alone, i’m never alone; under the blazing eye of the godhead, located inside my head (now the double head); talking back and forth

with the commodification of people (spiritual materialism) the prophet has no game; the poison for prophet, the prophet sent to offshore accounts – in america, there is a white jesus and a black jesus

religion to separate person from person, head from body, anatomy from autonomy, reason from decision, money from wallet, child from family, and ghost from the machine

hell is for the blameless, hell is on earth, hell is for a lifetime; when the despicable, pleasure themselves with the violation of the defenseless; when the tears and pleas of the victims mean nothing to the predators, another innocent child is sacrificed for your freewill

hollow points for efficiency because the sarcophagus has no mummy; the substance is gone; today the technique is brazilian ju jitsu, tomorrow – sound waves that will drive you mad

dropping out of the 7th grade to install granite countertops for the rest of your life and serving 30 days in jail, for drunk in public (for the 2nd time)

“is there anyone available to go to booking?” here-say and there-say, like eating baby octopi that were massaged to death by the chef (guilty pleasure)

lethal weapons fashioned from plastic chairs; drinking water, filtration through the landscape of a fly ash golf course “fore!” a drone in your garage and a wireless tap on your phone

blessed viruses mutate to become more efficient killers, as blessed survivors become more efficient disposers of the cursed dead; quarantine riots – keep it in there! keep it out of here!

police brutality with surplus military hardware from the pentagon bake sale (1033) because we need it for the drug whore; police (in roid rage) with assault rifles pointing at the 1st amendment “i will fucking kill you!”

will the billionaires band together to dissolve the US government? no taxes for the rich, for who needs services when you can provide your own? your own roads, your own medical treatment, your own education, your own police, your own rules

internet services throttled, elected officials unavailable, legal representation a farce, limited access to health care, exposure to dangerous products; all of this, because money is speech and you have NO money

a cost-benefit analysis that shows, it’s cheaper to make individual payouts in wrongful death suits than it is to recall the product (even when lawyer fees are included) do they make a bumper sticker for that? my daughter was killed by a greedy corporation

business models designed to profit on: increased incarceration, denial of medical procedures, never ending warfare against nonconformists – the newest them; a beggar on highway’s exit ramp, profusely giving thanks when handed a small bunch of bananas

billionaires, how did you get here? but upon the backs of desperate men; all that comes before you, gets you to where you are today; at what point do you divorce yourself from the system you thrive in? all the while, standing on the shoulders of dead men

a system built upon the enslavement of african people (chattel property); a system that broke the bodies of chinese (coolies) building the railroad; a system that ground down waves of european immigrants (wops & micks) in slaughter house factories; a system now exploiting the illegal status of people (wetbacks) for cheap vegetables and lawn service

all of these people with dreams and hopes, their bodies sacrificed for others; their histories lost and forgotten, for they are not considered the great men – they are the hungry men

who actually dug the washington ditch that drains the dismal swamp? certainly not it’s namesake; no, it was the forgotten men of african descent, who toiled under the constant threat of the overseer’s whip

$15 an hour for a fast-food worker, to get off food stamps? from a company that rakes in millions? over the past 4 decades, workers could be making $28 an hour if their pay had increased at the same rate as the CEO’s; if only corporate could send service industry jobs to the labor markets over there

over there, where people can be broken with less responsibility and chemical waste can be pumped directly into the air and water to fester like open sores

the iniquity of our hands, the iniquity of our feet, the iniquity of our eyeballs; jesus loved hyperbole; running roughshod with a turntable and egg between my teeth – you are the boss of me

the constant stress of something wrong “it still smells like shit in here!” the plumbing job is unfinished and another porcelain god requires your offering of thanksgiving in exchange for the miracle of indoor plumbing (a tithe of turds)

the social worker turned up dead (overdosed) in his car; the car was in portsmouth; he drove from full of life to absence of life; he taught a class called taking control of your life; sad, we never got to talk about poetry; he once acknowledged the city lights pocket poets anthology in my hand

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