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where for you

i was wondering
would you come?
seeking visions
to the edge of individuality
where for you
the seasons
will go uncounted

where for you
plato’s world of forms
will illuminate circularity

where for you
the cosmos
will bathe eternal skin in dark matter

where for you
small streams of giant koi
will break the ego’s surface tension

where for you
ripe peaches
will crack open in the wind of delicate cedar

where for you
will leave trails like footprints from a ghost

where for you
knurled trees
will reach inside conscious dreams of free fall

where for you
miró’s world
will pulse and spin under a purple sea

where for you
the crane
will write poetry
in a broken cocoon of the luna moth

all of this for you
when the water turns silver
and the reeds become prayers of the raptured swan

where for you
all of this, for you

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to the sea unhinged

sand ribbons cut by the sea, trapped in an ancient ritual
murderous storms unfold prayer clouds on faithful currents
sandbar tongues lick the frayed edges – tasting roads
focusing impact, taking the wave, taking the timid
punching inlets, rolling sound-side trees to the beach
shrugging off houses and overturning horseshoe crabs
left with their spider-legs, kicking frantic toward the sky
in an open invitation, to be ripped free by the gulls

digital photograph of overturned horseshoecrab

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and grilled cheese

bottled water
and beer

last night’s playlist
referenced through
a glass pipe

tie-dye sunset
bleeds into the crowd

with one body
of multiple crescendos
swaying and thrashing

hysteria builds
into the night’s
advancing darkness

tension and release
until a final frenzy
explosion of light

the chords
touch a chord

and the crowd
gives back

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frisco pier

published on VerseWrights 08/08/15

our arms on the rail
we stand at end
of the black night

rhythmically swaying
with wooden pier
solid, beneath bare feet

into strong bodies
the wood channels
a deep ocean swell

we look toward
the canopy of stars
and our destinies

more burning stars
for fleeting lives
than grains of sand

drifting on the ocean
it’s our footprints
the beach holds dear

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