the yellowest wall

Norfolk, VA 02/02/15

heating yellow
cooking yellow
stimulating yellow

yellow synchronization
yellow invitation
gold tooth smile

banana bunch yellow

fear of fire
yellow-jacket sting
yellow eyes open

the love in yellow

ancient yellow
enlightened yellow
baked, golden crisp

smearing butter
on gus’ easter vest
vibrating discontent
“it’s t-o-o yellowish”

cowardly lion caution
yellow streak
run chicken run

burning sulfur
suffocation odor
the pale blue flame
dances in hell
yellow christ

sodden sun
the entire sun
soaking through

when i look outside
my car window

mister mustard
cut the custard
on newport avenue
—with the knife

i am here
to take pictures
but not of a wall

this light is special light
rare light
thick, plush light

when the sun drops down
between the doom
of stormy onslaught
and twilight

gilding objects bathe
in photons
riding the perfect
electromagnetic wave

mere minutes of riches

i seize the gift
and smell
the acrid wonder
of chemistry
peeling apart the pack-film

i view the captured glow
with elation and astonishment

out of reflex
i look back to the wall
—to compare realities

but the wall has changed

now drab and drained
now yawning
in despair of thin light

once again i look back
back to the past
i hold in my hand
and i am pleased yellow

the yellow wall

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