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state sanctioned murder

listen—the drum beat of war
drowning out the voice of reason

the history of man
is the history of war

don’t worry it’s a just war
limited war
religious war
“a time of war, and a time of peace”
no worries, it’s just mechanized war

war on terrorism
war on drugs
war on christmas, once every year
war on your neighbor
a minimal level of collateral damage is acceptable

war games, “treating people just like pawns in chess”
singing war songs
“war! what is it good for?”

driving war profits, collecting war trophies
conventional war according to the rules of war
the military industrial complex, subcontracted war
corporate war in a suit and a tie
perpetual war for perpetual profits

proxy war
defensive war (the best defense is a good offense)
preemptive war
war powers act
a war president spending political capital
drinking bottled water out of crystal, in the war room
no war tax, no war rations for the undeclared drone (air) war
what ever happened to war bonds?

don’t speak of class war
be my war bride
my civil war
guerrilla war
war of resistance
an insurgency

war of independence
war of succession
revolutionary war
the people’s war—power to the people
lost in the fog of war, giving friendly fire

hegemonic war
brandishing a war club and a war bonnet
tribal war
telling war stories—counting coup

hot and cold war
wishing and hoping for a bloodless war, for to receive war reparations
beating a tired old war horse
a forgotten war

bot weapons and viruses of cyber war
information war
psychological war
leaflets raining down from the sky
a war of words, jockeying for the spoils of war

shivering in nuclear winter
mutual destruction of a nuclear holocaust
world war III—total war
the war of the worlds

eradication: a new kind of war, where everyone is a suicide bomber
a war of attrition
“desperate times call for desperate measures”
war pigs wear the faces of war crimes

war cry—let your tears fall for the innocent victims of war

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