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choking on public safety

published on VerseWrights 03/22/15

“I can’t breathe!” Eric Garner’s final 33 words 07/17/14

as long as the police,
are permitted
to police the police

a grand slurry
district attorney
– makes with police
much like family

the police
– the enforcement arm
of the power structure

the golden arm,
the arm
that can do no wrong

the strong arm
the confiscating arm
the escalating arm
the arm in search of
a loosy in the sky

the arm that chokes

the arm that snatches,
institutional murder
from the scales
of lady justice

lead and brutality
for the black man
lead and brutality
for the black man

violent state
secret proceedings
from the sham jury
the state’s enabler
– the district attorney
; renders unaccountable
blue sleeve homicide
of the golden arm

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