petroleum junkie (america what are you doing?)

commander and priest
– obama anoints you
(a mighty fortress is our drone)
how can one c-e-o,
have so much power?
confess your text messages,
under the killing rain
of hellfire (missiles)
and obama-nation

prophet palin proclaims
the sacrament of torture
at the baptismal font
of ply-board, water jug, and rag
the implements of pol pot,
assimilated by the new religion
democracy has come to you
for the drowning of 100 times
your soul will be cleansed
and brought into the fold
of petroleum nation

one nation under a habit
a nation beyond criticism
beyond the mention
of her mainline crude
as if the needle tracks
are silent badges of honor
for they attacked us first
; america
does too much – other good
while spreading the word
across omniscient satellites
to a hungry world
of brutal imperfection
she can help, she can hurt

are you frightened yet?
tropical island paradise,
the holy land, awaits you
with feeding tubes of charity
horror without redress
where fallibility is as absurd
as facing your accusers

“pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”
he works for you
and all are eligible
to win the lottery

with this work
i do formally announce
my candidacy
for reeducation
and assimilation
please make a donation
of that which you worship most

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