pen on scrap paper

Chesapeake, VA 10/13/15

on a bright fall morning
in the parking lot at work
i sit in my car

interesting ideas emanate from the radio

over the weeks
with a gel pen (pilot g-2, 05) i jot down notes
onto the back
of a used post-it note—a scrap of paper
coffee stained and tattered
folded into quarters
the backside sticky edge, holding it together
(collecting dirt particles)

i unfold it; unstick it
in-order to add
to my previous writings on the back

on the front
is a preprinted, nag-note template
filled in

to read:

to celeste from mom
call about portrait retake
remember and thank-you boxes checked

on the back i have written:

a ghost
s. african

in sync

great robot tutor in
the sky selling snake
cannot read
body language

psychology of
school shooters

the notes are for later; to think about
since my mind
is preoccupied at the moment
with fixing my broken blogs
to now receive porn site solicitations
through a compromised, comments filter
; a pandemonium of zeros and ones

i have much work to do
but it will have to wait
until work is over

for now—i search my car
for a new scrap of paper

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