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forever is a whale song

gentle rain falls in the breast of the leviathan
drops pool in memories once long forgotten
the brown of winter and mud stains on the heart
steel gray clouds, squeezed from blow holes
cold sun, unsure behind the glassy surface, floats slower
the lungs of the world are picked apart, tree by tree

a sad whale song is lost in the fog of distant hills
eternal monday evenings—ordinary as hands
beauty, living behind the land to enter the sea
legs incased worthless under blue-green water
trust disappears from the face of the moon
poseidon swells and low tide goes missing
the gods are vexed by the creep of the backstroke

under the storm’s punch, the sandbar is smeared
suddenly, everything changes in a shimmer
breaking through the surface, the pod rises
with gulls circling, searching for the radii
whale bones bleach in the warming sun, eternal salt
on the crest of a wave, venus has left with mars
and el niño’s violent tantrum wanes for summer

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when you were born

i thought i heard a whisper
coming through the trees
was it you talking to me?
outside of the leaves

holy the human animal
coming down from the trees
it was you, coming to me

coming out of night-terrors
electric light and stun-guns
baptized in the wars of
machiavellian autocrats
who want for too much
ice sculptures and learjets

trinket traps,
manufactured barriers
that separate and keep us apart

you, the soft-bodied vermin
of binge and vomit,
leave me pockmarked
with your poison cesspools

at your invisible hand
i know the violation
frequent, fractured & broken
you lay me down to waste

why can’t we play today?

the time when you dreamed
of flint and fire
of the sky god and stars
i nurtured you

now look,
you lock yourself away
in artificial life
ignore my cries of anguish

my depression runs deep
fracking to the surface
thoughts of suicide

will i always be like this?
will i ever be given, the time to heal?

have you forgotten?
planets are born and die
just like people

i need you to return,
from whence you came
—return to the trees
and take with you, your knife
from out my side of twilight

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catastrophic, structural failure

Chesapeake, VA 01/20/15

hips become
a matching set
of pestle & mortar
to grind down

skyrocket discontent

my own personal pain
; i have no time
for your grief
—leave me alone

femoral heads
(most sensitive)
rasp gnarled
in diseased sockets

the clunk
and pop
of worn-out
of a wobble

a beater
with nowhere to go
no way to go
no get-up-and-go

the emanating
life force
now shackled
; cinched down tight
like a corset
an inactive core

give me
the full monty
behind the
white giant
jesus statue

my incision time
the monster
or the doctor?

can i sit outside
the breakers?
once again

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