Monthly Archives: November 2014

ebola free nation


ebola on a plane
ebola on a bus
ebola in the air
ebola in your hair


kneejerk politicians
fortress america
the spread,
of “ebola-like” symptoms
ebola coming for 10,000 of you!
a vote for me,
is a vote against ebola

why don’t you save it?
save it for the genuine panic
the real pandemic
– the future arrival
of ebola’s deadly cousin
on our shores
airborne to you
a mysterious mutation
and natural selection

calm heads will prevail
science will serve you
politics will enslave you
the facts will set you free
– ebola is only contagious,
   when the carrier is exhibiting symptoms
– ebola is only transmitted via body fluids
– ebola is not airborne

but for now,
ebola has left with the midterms
will ebola be back?
back for the presidential election?

EBOLA! stop playing politics
but if you happen to enter,
the voting booth again
; be sure to leave your cousin at home

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the immigrant is from here

erectile cacophony of handguns
oxymoron anti-intellectual
high salute downward spiral
crowds drug emergency rooms
commercial vaccine for religion
invisible hand clap abortion
unaffordable scientific results
political capital asset war
same greed different stripes
do-nothing-body donations
dark money victory dance
clean-coal virus for economy
sea-level rising body-fluid ebola
fear in a voting booth manikin
strip mall american skeleton
strangle your brother’s keeper

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