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fairly self-centered and unbalanced: week of 06/08/14-06/14/14

“…it was basically a miracle, you know, from God straight through the people…” David Brat

in a world where humans trade humans for humans; i’m the imperial decider
how many of your humans are worth one of my superior humans?
one of us is worth five of you; but we don’t negotiate with terrorist,
we don’t leave anyone behind, and we don’t tell obstructionists
“don’t tread on me” now the co-opted calling card of the new unregulated militia
a clockwork orange tea party, stuffed effigies, and assault rifles with extended clips
when god stuffs the ballot box in your favor – who can take issue with the miracle?
“we’re shutting down this place if you don’t give us what we want;
benghazi, benghazi, benghazi – benghazi, benghazi, benghazi”
another school shooting, another police killing, another manifesto
ultra-violent video games; a world of night-vision goggles without reset
when you squeeze the trigger; what are you aiming to do, to the target?
the coming of the spanish civil war in america, except with superior firepower
it’s all about making decisions, but the decisions have all been made for you
it’s respectful to manipulate humans while squandering natural resources
a lifeboat with 100 humans, where 1 human has 35% of the provisions

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the gods of others (not your god(s))

the gods of others are never there,
                                                                      they are never there
they don’t come when you want them to
they are not reliable; always out to lunch
or doing whatever gods do to pass the time

when i speak towards the sky, i never get a response
maybe they just don’t speak english?
the gods of others stay outside of my head
the gods of others are u-n-believably dreadful
(not deserving of awesome god t-shirts and hats)
they leave me to think for myself
the gods of others, i do not understand them
they want my charitable contributions
in exchange for symbols, to die for

the gods of others are never there,
                                                                      they are never there
they don’t know my name and never come around
they refuse to make their presence known
even absent from the foxholes, deathbeds, and jails of society
the gods of others are as quiet as church mice

are they just indifferent or hard of hearing?
they hide right-out in plain view
often resembling, the people who proselytize them
they are risen in the form of men, with beards or bald heads
or sometimes as fantastical creatures of light
or in the form of statues, swapping animal parts for human parts
elevated on an altar, to be gazed upon from below
they won’t lower themselves to sit on my couch
they don’t come to dinner
they don’t move objects in the air
and they won’t defeat the enemy in battle

the gods of others don’t bless inanimate objects
or animate objects – for that matter
the gods provide no protection
they remain elusive and non-inclusive
the gods of others don’t care, if i live or die
the gods of others are never there,
                                                                      they are never there
the gods of others just don’t care

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